The School is alive with the sound of Students!

The other day, someone mentioned an interesting phenomenon to me. She said “I can’t wait for Geneseo population triple day.” Being a tour guide I was interested in what sounded like some kind widespread admissions event. Instead she gave me an exasperated look and said “No, when the weather in Geneseo finally turns nice, the population seems to triple because everyone is out and about.” The exchange ended there, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Walking around campus the past few days have been like being in an entirely new place.

Eager flowers are beginning to push up, jeans and snow boots are being exchanged for bright dresses and sandals and students can be found anywhere there is space. I think that the turning weather makes students genuinely happier. I’m sure there is some interesting biochemical explanation for this fact, but the effect is clear: the school just feels more alive. The college green, the gazebo, resident quads, intramural fields, and picnic tables are all hot locations to be. Students are laughing, running and shouting to each other. Frisbees, soccer balls, and footballs are the new hot items to have.

This is probably one of the best times to be a student here, aside from the start of fall semester. It is so exciting to be in a place with such high energy. It makes such a difference to be able to wave and greet everyone around campus instead of just putting your head down to brace against sudden gusts of wind and snow. Although it might make it harder to focus on class when everyone would rather be outside, I definitely prefer the fact that I’m walking into class on a better note rather than just glum and tired like during the winter.

Unfortunately though, as the weather becomes warmer, and the sun makes a more long term appearance in the day, enjoy the environment and the life. Because you know, this beautiful weather can only mean one thing: final exams are right around the corner.