A Swan Song of Sorts: Never Forget Geneseo<3

This is not a reprise of my previous (but incredibly accurate and epic) post (READ HERE)! This is however just me reflecting on my lovely time at this institution. I have had the opportunity to reflect on a lot of things since

There she is, in all her glory!!!

There she is, in all her glory!!!

finals have (finally) ended. I was talking to my friend who is graduating Memorial Day weekend about her experience at her school and I asked her what stuck out most to her but she wasn’t really able to give a concrete answer. What she did tell me was something that inspired this post. She said that everyone has so many different experiences within these four years that it’s hard to choose just one to focus on (very insightful, Brit, great job)! I figured I could best her and I decided to figure out what uniting experience would join the class of 2014 and I couldn’t think of a thing. I have so many fond memories of Geneseo. Little things stick out to me that really define my time here. So today, at graduation practice I decided to figure out what everyone else’s great experiences were. I approached a bunch of my classmates with one question: “What is your favorite Geneseo memory, or what are you most proud of doing at Geneseo”? Here are their responses:

“Um, hummmm probably making important connections with some pretty incredible people. Sounds cliché. I know…but that’s probably it.” -Abdul Y.

“‘Suite times’ sophomore year.” -Bethany H.

“Honestly? All my times in Milne doing ‘work’ with different friends.” -Arnub F.

“This champagne brunch.” Julianne F.

“As sad as this is, working for CAS.” -Ashleigh K.

“Living with you, and Leah.” -Laura S. (YOU HAVE GREAT TASTE<3)

“Not knowing where court street was freshman year.” -Kevin M.

“BSU’s 25th anniversary.” Danielle W.

“Joining Gamma!” -Stephon L.

“Getting more involved after junior year. You got to get out there and have fun!” -Karlee P.

“Pulling my grades up cause I started bad, and now I have a 3.5!” -Lindsey R.

“Hahaha, painting the tree.” -Anthony R.

“My birthday when me and my friends had a cake fight. There was cake E V E R Y W H E R E!” -Janita M.

“Study abroad in Russia was really cool!” -Samantha C.

“Making all my friends here! I’ve never met more amazing people!” -Haylie T.

“When I did the vagina monologues and my sorority showed up. It was true sisterhood and support!” Paige W.

“Paige’s nose ring.” Kyle H.

“Meeting you…” -April R. (There was some sarcastic undertones, but I’ll take it!)

“Uhhhhhh, swimming this semester in the pool with all my friends and it was empty and music was playing and I don’t know, it was super surreal and weird.” -Lindsey C.

“Passing Hum(anities)…my GOD, passing HUMANITIES!” -Alex W.

“The snow day. I was in the quiet section and my goodness did I cry like a wee babe.” -Eric D.

“The snow day and watching people in the fountain last night.” -Deena S. and Christina D.

“Late nights walking around figuring out equations.” -Matt O.

“Staying in and playing Mario Party and people watching from my apartment.” -Daveyy S.

“Meeting my boyfriend…he’s chill….I’ll keep him around for a bit.” -Riley M.

“Remember freshman year when Matt picked me up and almost dropped me? We demanded that they drive us home that instant and we ordered pizza and ate like kings.” -Leah F. (oooooooh, I remember that night! that solidified a friendship!)

“That huge thunder storm a few weeks back was great to dance in.” -Tyler A.

“Ya know, I tried out a few clubs and my favorite part was getting off the mailing list for all of them.” -Erin M.

“I’m not at all sure, maybe meeting all these people!” -Julia A.

“I think just learning. I learned a lot, and it was really nice.” -John S.

While that’s not the entirety of the Geneseo graduating class, I think it summarizes what Brit said to me. Geneseo gave us a lot and I think the most important things we have gotten from this institution are our memories (I mean, a diploma is nice but you won’t tell your kids about your diploma). We all have different experiences that define our years here and our favorite memories say a lot about us and our time at Geneseo. Some of my favorite memories revolve around my places of work because my bosses and coworkers were so amazing (shout out to South Side late knight, annnnnd, of course, Admissions)! As I sit here in bed typing this I can’t help but think about the camaraderie I felt during graduation practice and commencement — that is probably my favorite Geneseo memory (it is soooo weird being part of an alumni network…but really nice)! I think one of the hardest parts of graduating is moving away from your friends and roommates/housemates and the things that make up our memories — there’s a sense of familiarity and stability knowing you can roll out of bed and walk five minutes to your friends apartment, or the quad…and now that stability is gone. My fellow graduates, I know moving away from Geneseo was hard, but you have your memories with you as you embark onto the next part of your adventure. Use your memories as a reminder of your time. Use them as a reminder of all the fun you’ve had. Use your memories as a reminder of all you have learned but never use them as a crutch. Never forget Geneseo but go out there and build upon what this school has already given you. I know I rambled for a bit of this but in short, don’t forget what Geneseo has provided you, but be very ready to make new memories.

HARK! A post-grad in their natural habitat.

HARK! A post-grad in their natural habitat.

Congrats, 2014. We did it but it’s not like we ever thought we couldn’t do it! Go out there and make new memories<3


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