Reflections of a Graduating Senior

Many people will tell you that the years you spend in college are the best years of your life-that nothing will compare to the friends you make and experiences that you have during your years as an undergraduate. At times I thought this was the furthest from the truth, typically while staying up too late working on that assignment I put off to the last minute. Now, less than three weeks before my classmates and I walk across the stage and become alumni, know that my experiences I have had while at Geneseo have impacted me in ways that I can’t fully articulate.   ECOHOUSE. Transferring into Geneseo as a sophomore, I moved into EcoHouse (Putnam Hall) ready to get involved and find my place on a campus I had only visited a few times before. Little did I know that moving into this small, 84-person residence hall would become more of a home for me than anywhere else I have previously lived. I have been extremely lucky to love where I live, this building has brought some of my closest friends at college into my life. 941271_368883556566634_439100957_n1524889_520610668060588_450258577_n (1) ATTEND TALKS, PANELS, CONCERTS, AND THEATRE PRODUCTIONS. Events are constantly happening across campus, from poetry readings, to panel discussions, to plays, to art gallery openings, a huge variety of events (many that are free) occur any given day. BmBW1dgIcAEa_8u BktT1BlIIAEXX--   COURSES OUTSIDE YOUR DISCIPLINE,  go beyond General Education Requirements. This might sound like a major risk to your GPA (and potentially your sanity). However, taking classes outside of your discipline will expose you to research, concepts and information you otherwise would not have encountered. You will also bring fresh perspective into the class composition. Some of my favorites include: Experimental Biology: Sustainability, History of Environmental Thought and Policy in the United States, and Social Problems and Public Policy.   EXTRACURRICULARS. Take your passion and find the team, club, or organization that shares your passion. Clubs and organizations will allow you to play, preform, create, educate, advocate, and grow. As a member of Geneseo Environmental Organization, I have been able to help organize two activity-intensive Earth Weeks, travel to Powershift, hold film screenings, and work with community organizations. 9991_10201231666128579_1478427459_n 10251891_10203758529666730_6684424166603444544_n USE CAMPUS RESOURCES. Like other college campuses, Geneseo has offices all over campus that exist as resources for students. Career services can help you find and get that summer internship or find a unique job after graduation. They also can help you re-write your resume and offer practice interviews.   STUDY ABROAD. Even if it’s just for a few weeks over the summer, or between Fall and Spring semesters during January, studying outside of the country with other students will change your life. You will experience another culture (and potentially another language), and get to other college students you otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet. I spent this past January in Buenos Aires, Argentina on a trip lead by a Geneseo faculty member with 15 other students and came back with new friends and an open mind, and irreplaceable experiences and memories. 1511726_10151794395801536_492525277_n1526947_10151800281706536_1810788360_n   EXPLORE THE TOWN. Find your favorite coffee shop, take walks around the village, explore the parks and figure out where your favorite pizza or breakfast meal can be found. Try grilled cheese at UHots and experience the pancake-y bliss, and wonder how someone came up with it. 1236341_10202020998151270_379499278_n 10290192_842940212387369_3190220872314413088_n Looking back at the last 3 years I have had at Geneseo, I see wins and losses, learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom, all nighters for no reason and  those spent racing to finish that last minute assignment-these little moments will culminate into creating the fabric of your college experience, make it as bright, colorful, and unique as you can.   Come into college regardless of where you attend ready to explore, love, learn and develop, and you will have some of the best moments of your life, and make lasting friendships.


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