Springfest 2014

Springfest is a yearly event that happens just around the beginning of May. The weather is turning warmer. The sun is shining more. The shorts and t-shirts come out from the back of our dressers and closets. After a long Geneseo winter, campus comes alive when spring arrives.

This year, Springfest will be on Saturday, May 3rd. This event spans from the Mac Vittie College Union, out onto the Union patio, and down the road of dorms. Springfest will last from 3-9 p.m.,  with Anchorman 2 to follow at 9:30 p.m. in South Quad! Springfest is funded by our mandatory student activity fee, so there is no need to bring any money to the event– everything is free!

Springfest is like an all-day barbecue. The school provides free food, including hotdogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, chips, soda, waters, cotton candy and more. There are also a few huge inflatables set up, such as mazes, slides and jump houses. On the patio, bands play all day, both local and nationally know. This year, Springfest will feature HelloGoodbye, Scratch & Bang DJ Drummer Combo, Red Kettle, DJ Alix Seskin, and more music to be announced!

Overall, Springfest is a great day in Geneseo. Campus really does come alive, and all students come out to enjoy the great day in the sun!



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