APO and Tree Creations

“Not that many people get to say they’ve played up in a tree in college,” is the logic from Joe Ferrero, who is the father of Tree Creations in Geneseo.
On Saturday, 9/14, the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega took a trip to see what the buzz was about. We were greeted with the sight of a real car up in the trees. The Pinto was only one of the many wonders to behold. A castle, a “Wizard’s Den”, a chapel, and a tea room were all built 20-30 feet from the ground in this fantastic spin on your everyday “tree house”.
With a degree in mechanical engineering, Joe definitely has an advantage over the average father. Joe’s devotion to his daughters (now four and six) shines through everything he says and does, and it is clear to see that he would do anything to make them happy. When he was in an accident at work that robbed him of sight in his left eye, he decided that his time would be best spent being the best father he could possibly be. “Carpe diem” was his new motto, so when his daughters asked him for a tree house, he set to work immediately.
Joe has many more plans for Tree Creations, including an observatory, a zip line, and a music room. Alpha Phi Omega was there to lend any kind of assistance we could to bring those dreams to life.
Joe and his wife met while going to school in Geneseo, and he is definitely what you’d call a “townie”. He wants the rest of Geneseo, and beyond, to be able to enjoy the adventure in the trees. He welcomes anyone and everyone who comes, from the youngest of children to adults. He is currently working on making Tree Creations wheelchair accessible with an elevator that goes up to the patio deck. Joe’s story is truly inspirational, and it was an amazing experience to take part in.
Joe says that his thought process revolved around the knowledge that “Life is short, so any happiness we can bring and joy we can have, let’s do it now.”


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