Just Around the Corner in Geneseo!

When living in the same place for four years, it’s only natural that you come to learn all the interesting places that surround the area. You never know what’s lying just around the corner. Being a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity on campus, I’m constantly finding out about the cool places, just around the corner, in Geneseo. This past weekend I got to experience one of these places just five minutes away from campus at Geneseo Tree Creations!

Geneseo Tree Creations is a free park for all composed of tree houses. The owner Joe Ferrero is a self proclaimed Townie, born and raised in Geneseo who is also a SUNY Geneseo Alum from the class of 1996. After a freak accident caused him to leave work for sometime, he began to look at life differently and wanted a way to give back to the community. He was inspired to create a village of tree houses by two sources. The first being one of his favorite teachers growing up, who over the past 15 years has created his own village of tree houses for students and children alike to play in. Joe’s other source of inspiration is his young daughters, ages 5 and 3. He built his first tree house, a princess castle, for them at that start of last January, and the houses have only grown from then.

Currently Joe has recruited the help of Alpha Phi Omega to begin rebuilding and restoring his collection of tree houses in hopes to open the park soon. Ultimately he would like to install an elevator so children who are ground bound will be able to experience the magic too. I had the pleasure to work at his workshop with nine of my fellow brothers this past Friday and it was an awesome experience. He took the time to give us a tour of his entire facility, told us his story and goal for the tree houses, and gave use a tutorial on how to use the power tools. It was a cool experience to help out a Geneseo Alum reach their goals and have a great time doing it. How would have thought that someone in our very own community was doing something as unique and creative as building a Tree House Village. I encourage you all, if the opportunity presents it self, to go down to Joe’s tree house village and check out what he’s doing.

If you would like to volunteer at Tree Creations or just want to see the awesome tree houses, look up the Tree Creations in Geneseo facebook page and check out all the cool pictures of the tree houses already built.


A picture of myself and fellow Alpha Phi Omega brothers this past Friday, posing on one of many Tree House platforms suspended 26 feet in the air. I’m the one in the pink plaid and Joe is wearing the hat. Pictured behind us is the princess castle tree house I mentioned above.


2 thoughts on “Just Around the Corner in Geneseo!

  1. Thank you for the kind words! Your article is encouragement to our construction! Our development could not happen without the kind help from people like you! Thanks again and We look forward to seeing you again soon!


    Joe Ferrero and family

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